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Heslb websites-Apply and correct information-www.heslb.go.tz 

Heslb websites-Apply and correct information-www.heslb.go.tz

Heslb websites-Apply and correct information

How to Correct information in Heslb loan application forms-

This is to inform the public that, Heslb notify Applicant to correct information in loan application forms-See Correcting process

During the exercise of processing 2018/2019 loan application forms, the Board has come across loan applications which are missing some vital information such as applicant’s and guarantor’s signatures. For that reason, the Board would like to inform loan applicants with such incompleteness to do the following:
1. Visit HESLB website www.heslb.go.tz and search for their names through NOTICE to applicants missing some information; if found
2. Click a link http://olas.heslb.go.tz and then
3. Login using username and password, then
4. Click to My Application
5. Go straight to Step 3 (List of Missing Applicant Attachments) and do the required corrections and then
6. Click Submit Attachment to approve the changes
All attachments must be certified by respective authorities and do not send any hard copies to HESLB.

For Pages 2 and 5, applicants and/or their guarantors must ensure that they have filled properly, signed and certified the documents through relevant authorities. Other documents such as guarantor’s particulars, Verified Birth Certificates (BC) and Death Certificates need to be scanned and uploaded.

The window for corrections will be open from Monday 24th September 2018 and the deadline is Sunday 30th September 2018.

NB: The Board is:
• Cautioning loan applicants to be careful with some unscrupulous individuals who might take advantage of this opportunity to make financial demands.
• Reminding loan applicants that corrections of missing items is not a guarantee to be awarded loans.
• Incomplete application forms will not be considered for further processing until the missing information is provided within specified time.
*The list of loan applicants with missing signatures and other attachments can be viewed through: http://olas.heslb.go.tz


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