University of Dar es salaam (UDSM) Academic Units

The University of Dar es salaam (UDSM) offers various academic programmes leading to the award of certificates, diplomas, and degrees. A total of 88 Undergraduate Degree Programmes are offered at various academic units of the University.

Campus Colleges

  •  College of Social Science (CoSS)
  •  College of Humanities (CoHU)
  •  College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CoNAS)
  •  College of Engineering and Technology (CoET)
  •  College of Information and Communication Technologies (CoICT)
  • College of Agricultural Sciences and fisheries Technology (CoAF)

Constituent Colleges

  •  Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE)
  •  Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE)


  •  School of Education
  •  School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC)
  •  University of Dar es Salaam Business School (UDBS)
  •  University of Dar es Salaam School of Law
  • School of Health Sciences (SoHS)


  •  Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
  •  Institute of Kiswahili Studies (IKS)
  •  Institute of Marine Science (IMS) located in Zanzibar
  •  Institute of Resource Assessment (IRA)
  • Confucius Institutes


  •  Centre for Entreprenuership Development (CED)
  •  Centre for the Study of Forced Migration (CSFM)
  •  Centre for Virtual Learning (CVL)
  •  University Of Dar es Salaam Computing Centre (UCC)
  •  Technology Development and Transfer Centre (TDTC)
  •  UDSM Gender Centre


  •  Quality Assurance Bureau (QAB)
  •  Bureau of Industrial Cooperation (BICO)
  •  Bureau of Educational Research and Evaluation (BERE)
  •  University Student Accomodation Bureau(USAB)
  •  Economic Research Bureau (ERB)


  •  Constructed Wetlands Research Project
  •  Research and Education for Democracy in Tanzania (REDET)
  •  University Library
  •  Dean of Students Office (DOSO)
  •  Dar es Salaam University Student Organisation (DARUSO)


  •  Human Resource Management (DHRM)
  •  Research
  •  Knowledge Exchange (DKE)
  •  Planning and Finance (DPF)

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